Villa NN is located in a very quiet area 150 meters from the National Highway Preveza-Igoumenitsa (E 55) and is 600 meters away from the Ionian Sea. The area is ideal for all types of holidays without difficulties in transportation, appropriate for all budgets and for all ages.

In a maximum distance of 100 km, you have the opportunity for daily flight to historical and very popular tourist destinations.


Preveza is located in the narrow entrance of Ambracian bay opposite Aktio. There 31 B.C. took place one of the most exciting battles of the ancient world, that altered the history of the Roman empire, between Octavian, the later Augustus Caesar and Mark Antony.

In commemoration of his victory, Octavian created a new brilliant city, Nicopolis, which flourished in the following centuries and surpassed in population of 30,000 inhabitants.

The destruction of Nicopolis almost 10 centuries later, brought to life Preveza. The historical continuity expressed by the 14th century, when the site of the ruins of Nicopolis are already listed as old Preveza.

The new city was part of the famous Despotato of Epirus until it's overthrow. The sea ruler Venice, foresaw the importance of Preveza, captured it from the Turks, and fortified it with the famous Venetian castles.

The city, because of its position, has been a bone of contention among the French and Ali Pasha. Freed and joined the new Greek state in 1912.

Today the Municipality of Preveza has approximately 30,000 residents. Preveza has insular nature as it lapped on 3 sides by the sea. The city’s  breath comes from the Amvrakiko, an ecosystem with excellent biological, ecological and aesthetic value of the Ionian coast, the forests that surround it.

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